PfSense Will Not Restart/Reload After Power Failure or Cycle

  • I have been using PFSense for 3-4 years loaded on a previous Watchguard FireBox X5500.  This is something I have not seen before.

    The process I did is to complete a shutdown via the serial console and power off the unit, moved it and turned the power switch back on.  In this case I did not have the serial console up so I did not see where it stops, but it will not progress to the point of starting PFSense.

    If I reconnect the serial console and hit Enter, it loads fine.  If I leave the console connected and power it off in the same manner above it starts just fine.  Problem, if I choose to reboot via the GUI remotely, it will never load.

    Any advice would be appreciated as I am not able to stay local with the serial console.


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