Log Activity?

  • So I got all my hardware and such together and am getting ready to start my PFsense build, and had a question.

    I need to log activity of just the radius server network. As I will have "Hotel Wifi" for my business and need to be able to see who did what, if the need arises.

    So how can I do this in Pf Sense, and what size hard drive will I be looking at to keep said logs? I have a 1tb drive laying around that I figured I could use and hoping the logs dont use much so 1tb should hold quite alot.

    I been reading that squid can track by IP, but that simply isn't enough. I need something that can track back to radius profiles (which I will make and allow them access with, 1 for each, and all their devices can connect with that.

    So I need to log the profile, the mac address and some kind of time stamp and a way to look through the time stamps would be great.

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