Missing LAN rules

  • On this version of PFSense:  2.3.4-RELEASE (amd64)  <– I have LAN rules that PFB is using to match/pass/reject, etc the DNSBL's I have enabled.

    On this version of PFSEnse:  2.3.4-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)  <-- I have NO LAN RULES...they are completely missing

    I have all the same setup.  The funny thing is the -p1 release is an actual PFSense rack mounted firewall I bought from Netgate LOL.  With respect to PFB it's borked.

    I have tried re-installing but I kept the settings.

    Is this a bug?  I could possibly fix by merging the xml file I have from the working box to the new box but they're different sites so I'd need to somehow merge the LAN rules but that just seems like a bunch of work.  Before I do that, I thought I'd ask...is this a bug or ask for a recommended fix.


  • Oh gawd…this is possibly a "false alarm".  I had the "floating rules" checked so I suspect it was on all on the floating rules tab and not the LAN.  When I unticked the floating rules check box and checked the LAN in the firewall section...all the rules were there.


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