Tests I can run to ensure compatibility

  • Hi, I installed on an OEM box, and I'm curious if there are any tests I can perform, or logs to review, to ensure pfsense is happy with the box?
    Thank you.

  • What does OEM box mean?

    Hardware?  Components used?
    Look at logs.
    Burn in test.  Run it and use it for a few days.

  • If it works, it works. Tests you could do is: does it work? If it works, then it works.

    Without more data, there isn't much else you can do. Say you have a Xeon D platform in a OEM box, you may want to do things like check performance (does it get you the speed you expect?) and check things like power usage and temperatures. But if all the interfaces simply work and the functionality you use works, and it doesn't crash, there isn't much to 'test'. You should probably figure out if it's 64-bit and has AES-NI, but that's about it.

  • OK, thank you.

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