DHCP Leases in UTC

  • FYI, rather than showing in local time, the DHCP leases page (status page) is in UTC. Wouldn't it make sense to show in local time?


  • If your preference is to display dhcp lease in local time then be sure to check the option

    Services->DHCP Server->Other Options

    Time format change
    Change DHCP display lease time from UTC to local time By default DHCP leases are displayed in UTC time. By checking this box DHCP lease time will be displayed in local time and set to the time zone selected. This will be used for all DHCP interfaces lease time

  • I missed that - my fault completely …  :-[. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • It's easy to miss this. When I originally saw "time format change", I kept looking for time zone. It really should be called time zone, because that's what it is. Time format is something different altogether.

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