Quick Traffic Shaping Rule

  • Hi All,

    Need help in setting up traffic shaping that will prioritize streaming videos coming from specific website like for example youtube.com for several concurrent users.

    I have two WAN connections that auto fails at each other when one is down.

    WAN1 = 50Mbps
    WAN2 = 30 Mbps

    Then 1 LAN running at 1Gbps.

    I wanted to ensure alias USERLIST (list of IPs I wanted to ensure priority of bandwidth) to have this priority.

    Can any one walk me in setting this up?

    I have read and search several forums including this one but was not able to find specific that would allow this setup.

    There are commercial boxes that can easily do this but I have been using PfSense for couple of years already and this is the first time I encountered this kind of requirement. I cannot continue using limiters since we don't have enough bandwidth and if I assigned each users 6Mbps then someone will not be able to browse when all my bandwidth are used up.

    Appreciate your help and hope to get feedback as soon as possible for a newbie.

    Still trying up to now and hope I will be able to create something that will work.

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