Move config to new server (different hardware)

  • Hello.
    I am using a watchguard firewall, but Im want to switch to a "regular computer" instead.
    Can I just export the configuration and import it to the new server?
    From nanobsd to whatever platform is used for a "regular computer"?

  • Yes, it should work, since the config file is not bound to specific hardware.

    You will have to setup your interfaces before you import the config file, and some addons will have their own config files you can backup.

  • You can just import the old config to the new one. Nano vs full doesn't matter. If the interfaces are different, it will prompt you to re-assign when you restore. Sometimes you lose connectivity before the final reboot, but you can just reboot from the console. If you have a lot of vlans, it's easier to edit the config to reflect the new interfaces.

  • Thanks, I will try.

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