DHCP client won't switch to static mapped IP

  • I had DHCP set to basic settings (no static maps) previously but when I setup some IPs for static mapping, the clients won't take the new IPs. They stick with their old ones. I've tried releasing and renewing on my Win10 client but they won't let go of the old ones. For example, I have my Win10 mapped for and the old IP it keeps is .189.

    DHCP Leases in pfSense shows that the Win10 client has the .101 (it shows it as online) and there is no mention of the .189 anywhere. I can't ping the .101 from pfSense but I can ping the .189. I'm really confused on what the problem is.

    I've tried ipconfig /release and /renew, I've tried restarting DHCP and even pfSense.

    My IP ranges are:
    Available: - .254
    Range: - .245

    I want guest clients to use this range and my permanent devices to use the static mappings. Does it sound like I have everything setup right?