Considering Netgate to replace Zyxel - configuration question

  • I currently have a small Zyxel USG-20W firewall with my home network and WLAN on separate subnets.  It's time to replace it as it is no longer supported and the b/g/n WiFi is dated.  I'm considering replacing the hardware with a Netgate SG-2440 and the Ubiquiti AP AC HD.

    Is the 2440 the appliance I need in order to keep the Wifi and LAN on separate subnets, or is there a way to do this with the less expensive SG-2220 box?



  • Well, if you have a managed switch you could get away with an SG-2220 and VLANs on the LAN/Opt1 side. But all Wifi-LAN traffic would have to traverse through the VLAN interface twice, possibly creating a bottleneck.
    The straight forward approach is an SG-2440 with dedicated interfaces, though.

  • Thanks Chris.  That's what I though.  Looks like it's the 4-port firewall for me.

    Have any jokes about TCP?  I'm sure I would get those.

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