GUI display of aliases contents not updating?

  • 1.2.1-RC2
    built on Sun Nov 9 13:12:46 EST 2008

    I've got an alias that includes lots of hosts. I noticed that when I change its contents, it seems to take effect, and when I go back in to edit it, the list is correct, but the GUI status display at http://aggregator:8080/firewall_aliases.php isn't updating with the new hosts.

  • Not following you.  Please show screenshots of the problem.

  • One shot is what I get when I click edit for "IGNhosts", the other shot is what I get when I view aliases. The edits have been saved and applied. The config file reflects what the edit page shows, not what the view page shows. It's mismatched – two different lists.

  • Is there something I could execute on the command line to see the actual running config? I wonder if the changes are being recorded, but not applied successfully? And the view aliases page pulls from the running config? Just a thought.

  • Can this be just a browser cache issue!?

  • I don't think so. I've hit shift-refresh. It shows up the same in IE, too.

  • I wonder if it is some kind of caching issue.  We did not change any of the code in the aliases section that I recall and this worked in 1.2?

  • Not unless pfSense is caching it server-side somehow.

    I see the same discrepancy viewing it with Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I've cleared the cache and done shift-refresh. Definitely not cached on the client side. I'm not using a caching proxy or anything either.

  • Also I can edit the other aliases and it behaves exactly as expected. It's just the one alias that misbehaves. It is the one with the most entries, but it's only 12 long…

  • I am still having trouble understanding the problem most likely due to you remarking the data out…. Please email me the unedited screenshots to ... Otherwise I have no idea what your talking about and it will not receive any further attention.

  • If I should guess it is that only 10 of the 12 networks are shown?

    t3rmin if you do a mouse over the alias under rules you should see the 12 networks

  • Perry: Now that makes sense. And you're correct, they all do show up with a mouseover. It's just truncating the list for space considerations…? Can anyone confirm that?

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