Sticky Connections?

  • I understand the motivation behind the "Sticky Connections" feature for MultiWAN setups, but I'm wondering about the implementation itself: does this mean that generally, for any given machine, it will always use the same WAN connection?  Or is it on a connection-to-connection basis?  The reason I ask is, I'm currently using load balancing on pfSense 1.2, and I have a specific rule set for my machine only (for testing purposes) to use the load balancing.  However, when I run traceroute, I see that I'm only ever using one of the WAN connections.  Is traceroute a viable test to check that load balancing is working?  I see in the load balancer status that both WAN connections are online, and I can set either gateway from those connections and the traffic will go out either way, but whenever I use the load balancing "gateway" it seems that I only ever go out one WAN connection.

  • connection-to-connection basis but it doesn't really work as one could wish in 1.2 you'll get frozen pages.
    Disable sticky connection and test on sites like where your ip should change every time you refresh the page.

  • Awesome, thanks Perry.  It seems to flip back and forth every now and then now :)

    In this case, since I'm not using sticky connections, I need to set up policy-based routing for certain types of connections, right?  Like ssh, https (443), etc?

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