Issues connecting to Azure AD

  • I'm currently trying to get connected to Azure AD using a tool on a server in my domain called "Azure AD Connect". In my environment I use IPv4 and IPv6 using Hurricane Electric. When I try to run the Azure AD Connect Tool it times out over IPv6. I don't restrict any outgoing connections on my pfsense firewall and this tool is only trying to connect using 443. The logs are showing this:

    As a test I disabled IPv6 on the server I am running this tool from and it worked first time over IPv4.

    So why is it getting blocked over IPv6 when I allow all outgoing connections on 443?  ::)

    As a test I created a temporary outgoing IPv6 rule to allow ALL traffics from the server I am running this tool from and it didn't help.

    This is the rule that is blocking this traffic:

    @7(1000000105) block drop in log inet6 all label "Default deny rule IPv6"

  • Is there anything i can do to get this port 443 IPv6 traffic to be allowed?

    I Just don't get it, I allow outgoing port 443 traffic and pfsense is blocking it if it is destined for Microsofts Azure cloud.

  • Can anyone offer any suggestions please?

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