SG-2220 config problem on delivery

  • Received unit. Powered up and tried to modify LAN interface IP but it would not allow me due to some IPV6 DHCP or DHCPD issue.  Trying to factory reset.

  • Galactic Empire

    Maybe IP conflict? Need more information, what happened when you changed the LAN IP interface IP?

  • I did a factory reset and used the wizard.  I generally do not like to use the wizard because of how the default gateway is named since I used multi-wan on many setups but since this setup only has 1 wan SG-2220 I just used the wizard.

    Oh and a suggestion do not delete the LAN interface or you will lock yourself out of the router and have to go in via console!  I felt like an idiot right after doing that!  Should be some kind of warning when doing that as it was very easy to do.  Also the default password would not work after addign the interface back via console.  Again just factory reset and used wizard.

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