Speed cap

  • Hi,

    Have been searching alot on my issue and tried a reinstall, with no luck.

    It seems like there is a speed cap on just about 40 Mbit/s, when a client on the LAN side accesses the internet WAN side. The cap is always about the same speed.
    The internet connection is 300 mbit/s and all network is Gbit.

    From the router and out there is full speed.

    From a client to the router there is full speed as well.

    But traffic passing through is capped.

    Any ideas ?

  • What's your hardware specs?
    What packages are you running?

    If you're running lots of packages, or you've got AV scanning on downloads, your processor could be maxing out, depending on the CPU of course.

  • The CPU usage is very low, practically zero.

    But it is a VSphere virtual machine, where the server is very well equipped. (i7 cpu 32 gb ram etc.)

    There is a few other webservers on the machine, only used internally on small office. Barely using any ressources.

    Packages: OpenVPN + VMWare (to be able to monitor usage)

  • I've run pfsense in a number of different VMware configs and always had good performance with lower specs than you have there.

    Maybe worth having a look at the VMware config you're using, port setting, resource allocation, and the ports on the switch itself.

    I've not got any of my pfsense vm's anymore :( so can't check what I had, but I have got a partial note about checking jumbo frames - sorry I can't point to you to something specific

  • It doesn't make any sense.

    Will have to try other hardware and ultimately another router. To rule out the problem.

    I don't think it can be Vmware since i can meassure the full speed on both sides of it. (both adapters)

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