Nokia IP390

  • Hi

    we had 2 Nokia IP390  working on checkpoint, now replaced so the hardware is no more used, i am trying to install PfSense in vain

    yes, i've succeeded to run pfsense in the 1GB flash but with the version 2.2.6, as new versions of PfSense (nano) require at least 2GB for flash

    i have 146GB SATA disk, but the IP390 won't boot from it, i entered BIOS by pressing TAB, i tried to do some changes but when i press F10 to save changes or ESC to exit i am getting the 2 messages in the same window "exit without saving" "quit without saving"
    if i chose "No", i return to menu, if i chose "yes" i exit without saving !!!
    (i've already installed PfSense in the SATA disk, the installation was done in an IBM x3650 M3)

    i have done an error by erasing the original flash for both appliances, i wonder if ther is someone who can share with me a working image of the flash (IPSO 6.2) as i want to restore a flash with IPSO to see if it detects the SATA disk or not

    i need an image of the flash and not the IPSO (tar.gz) package, it is the executable and it won't work, i need an installed IPSO 6.2 version in flash which is bootable (it can be done through PowerISO for example, taking an ISO image of the CF)

    when i boot PfSense 2.2.6 through the 1GB flash, the "sysctl kern.disks" command list only one disk ada0 which is the compact flash card and not the SATA disk

    thanks a lot

  • Netgate Administrator

    They're compact flash cards in that no? Can you not just get a 2GB or 4GB card?

    If it will only boot from CF you could put a bootloader on the CF that chain boots the SATA drive. Might be challenging.  ;)

    Did you read this thread?


  • thanks for your answer

    yes i know, but the problem is that the newer version 2.4 won't support the nanobsd anymore

    that's why i look for a solution to use the SATA disk

    also, i've read the 8 pages of "Topic: pfsense Install on Nokia IP390", but it's mainly about the LED that malfunction and not about making the IP390 work with SATA disks

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah we did get a bit carried away looking for the LED control.  ;)

    However the IP390 is a 32bit platform so it will not be supported by 2.4 anyway. There will be security updates for 2.3.X for some time after 2.4 is released though.

    I'd advise you just get a 2/4GB CF card and run Nano with that for now.


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