Which UPS service settings for my SmartUPS?

  • I just added an APC SmartUPS SUA1500i + AP9630 network card 2, to my setup, with the intent of using TCPIP rather than USB. I've assigned an IP and got web access working. I'm now looking at the UPS settings page in pfSense.  Surprisingly it's almost bare - there's not much documentation what settings to use at this point and how to configure it either, and I'm stuck.

    I can see that I should choose one of Remote NUT/Remote apcupsd/Remote snmp but can't seem to find any clear explanation of the differences as they relate to my UPS. The fields for UPS Name and Hostname are a bit ambiguous since I can't tell if I should enter its name twice or if the first is descriptive.  Below that are 5 separate config boxes but nothing like the usual options on other packages for options a user would typically want (timeouts, actions, whatever) - it just says "enter conf here" and nothing else.

    I'd really appreciate a heads-up of any differences between the drivers applicable to my UPS, and what to start with as my basic settings.

    Thank you :)

  • AP9630 is a SNMP card also.  You should read the manual and setup this card properly, IP, protocols, user access and so on, then you will be able to connect this card via Remote SNMP and using your UPS name shown in card settings.

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