2.3.4 dyndns broken

  • I am trying to use afraid.org's "freedns" and the update URL doesn't work

    Error when I save and force update:
    The hostname contains invalid characters.

    The URL string is like this:


    It would seem to be chocking on the "?" but I can't NOT have that question mark in there.

    Zeeeees a problem main.

    I tried escaping it cleverly with a "" before the "?" like "?" but it didn't work.

    Is this a bug?


  • Another "oh gawd"…duh.  Why doesn't this work in PFSense?  It's so easy to have the GUI fixed (if I were you LOL).

    You have to setup a cron instead and run this command:

    fetch -o - "http://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/update.php?aflkajfoiuwiefoihKLHOHdnfdkjIDHoidnldkjasoifhsDII" <-- Whatever your update string is and run the cron every however many minutes for updates.

    Sheesh...so difficult!

  • Turns out it's more difficult than that for afraid.org.  Gawd!

    In their interface you have to click on "Dynamic DNS" then click on "Check out: dynamic update interface (version 2)!" Then click on "activate" after ticking your IP's which will then ACTIVATE them for Dnyamic DNS…seriously?  That's why I'm there LOL can't you just activate them?  My gosh afraid!!!

    Now they're active AND you get a proper URL without the special character "?" in it!

    Done...the struggle is real people LOL.

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