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  • I want the new HP Proliant ML10 V2 (P8B36A) Server for my office work which has to run the various clients friend has suggested me that HP Proliant ML10 V2 Server from the server basket and also I have done the research on the internet and in the market but I am so confused that to buy the hp server or not. can you tell me the minimum requirement for work usage purpose for my clients which are approximately 10 websites and they have the heavy traffic website?
    Please suggest me to whether buy or not.

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    So you plan on running pfsense on that?

    At that conversion rate it works out to about $600 USD.. Why would you not just get a psfense appliance at that price - say a sg-2440 which is less $550, or if say the sg-2220 for $300..

    When you say heavy traffic - this means what exactly?

    Were you going to add more interfaces to that - it only has dual interface.  Or are you asking if you can host your websites on this box - ie not running pfsense but just a web server?

  • The goal of sizing a server is to get a server that can do what you want it to do, but as cheap as possible. Your first step is to find out what you want to do. "10 websites" is way too abstract extract. Are you talking about websites hosting a few static pages or trying to make a new Google? How much bandwidth are you expecting, how much IO will you need.

    These are the kinds of issues the Architect is meant to deal with.

  • my client's websites are a business based website which is getting the huge traffic .i have discussed with our technical person and the requirements are the 1tb of HDD storage, 4 GB ram memory, 24 hours power supply and continuous run and bandwidth should be unlimited and free service warranty should provide for my server.

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    "which is getting the huge traffic"

    Which means what exactly… Is it just serving files to 1 client that eat up the bandwidth available?  is 100 clients, 1000?  All concurrent.. As mentioned what is the website going to do?  Is it all dynamic content that has to be queried from a database?  What exactly is the site going to do -- there is a HUGE difference between serving up some say CMS/Forum type site to 10 concurrent users vs 10,000 for example.

    Without such info it is just plain impossible to correctly size the server(s) that you might need to provide access without delays, etc.  The bandwidth available also comes into play - how much data is set to the users, how much of it can be cached by the browser.  if the site is all dynamic generated and browser can not cache much of the data since its not static then your bandwidth and cpu requirements go way up, etc.

    Like saying you need a car for 2 people... And I give you a little smart car

    Because you didn't say you need it to do 140mph top end, and need to do 0-60 in under 7 seconds and also needs room for their luggage, etc. etc..

  • If you can't describe exactly what the servers need to do, what you need could be anything. We don't know if a dual core CPU is good enough or if you'll need a dual-socket 22 core Xeon.

    If money is not an issue, just get the biggest baddest server. If money is an issue, they I guess you have to decide between getting the most expensive thing you can afford or actually spending the time to find out what the server actually needs to do in detail.

    All we hear you saying is "I need a rocket", which one should I get? And we're all like, "A model rocket? A real rocket? If so, what kind of payload? Does it need to get into orbit?". Then you replay "I need to carry a lot of stuff". We're still very confused about what you're trying to get done.

    Maybe this is a case for "the cloud". If you have zero idea what kind of load your server will be under, then you have no ability to plan.

  • @Gaurav202mehta:

    24 hours power supply

    This means you need server mid-range proliant not an entry level. You need ProLiant DL20 or ML110 or similar that have TWO hot-swap PSUs, that you can change ONLINE and this means real "24 hours power supply" in combination with UPS and may be diesel generator (SDMO).

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