Moving from VM to Netsense Box

  • My VM of pfSense has served well for the last two years, right up until server it was on decided to start dying.  To both save time and help out, I bought a netgate box (SG-4860-1U).  I've backed up and installed to different locations before, but it's always been vm-based.  Is there any stumbling blocks to exporting my config from the vm and dumping it to the shiny new netgate box?  I really don't want to recreate my DHCP reservations/OpenVPN/Snort stuff if at all possible.

  • Just do as you already did.
    Be prepared to reassign interfaces, though.

  • Yeah, I figured the magic ends at where the wires go…  Thanks!

  • One word of wisdom:  Make sure both devices are on the same patch level.

    I did not heed this wisdom and found out the hard way how difficult it was to re-import the settings.  I don't remember which versions I did this with, but it was a few in between.

    I recently did a pfSense hardware migration following the above advice, and it went flawlessly.  In my case the interfaces lined up perfectly.

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