NTP time offset?

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    Is there a way (CLI or tunable maybe?) that I could create an offset for my NTP server on the network?

    Such as distributing the time provided by say "time.nist.gov" + 500ms, or something along those lines?

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    for what possible reason would you want to do that??

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    just curious - can you do it?

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    Have never looked into such a thing - since for what possible reason would there be to do such a thing???

    you could create your own timezone and change the offset, but this would be in minutes - say you wanted some oddball 15 or 10 minute timezone, etc..  But for the life of me why in the world would you want to set a 500ms offset from the time you get from the stratum 1 or 2 server that is NIST??  Makes ZERO sense…

  • NTP is by design about accurate time and as far as I know has no provisions for handing out non-accurate time to the clients, well other than creating your own timezone as noted.

  • Maybe some financial maleficence ?

  • Some NTP servers are a fixed offset from actual time. No idea why. I've connected to some that were always exactly 5.000 minutes off for well over a decade. Otherwise great server.

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    Could you give an IP of one of these servers that are off by 5 minutes?  They should not be listed as public if they are not going to keep correct time…

    But you can set a refclock offset if you have a refclock source, ie PPS for example then you can set the server to have a specific offset from that source.. But I am not aware if just running a ntp client/server that pulls time from a ntp server how you can offset its time from what that server - that your suppose to be trusting is giving you the most accurate time possible, etc.  Other than setting your timezone to be off..

    Back to these servers that are off by 5 minutes - they for one could not be in the ntp pool, since the monitor checks their time and if offset is too much their score drops and unless they have a score of 10 or more they are dropped from the pool

    Example is stratum 1 ipv6 ntp server I run.. Typical offset from the monitoring station shows to be 5ms..  If some server was off by 5 minutes there would be no way to be allowed in the pool.. So I would love to check out this server your "using?" that is 5 minutes off??

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