Nat port with dynamic source

  • Wat are we trying:

    We want to give us the option to be able to open a port for the public ip where we are at the moment.
    We can use VPN but that is to much overhead.

    What have i tried.

    I created a nat rule with a alias as source.
    This alias is filled from a webserver, created a desktop application to update the webserver.
    Only the alias updates each 24 hours, not instant or each minute.
    I can change the script for pfsense to get it each minuten, but i fear it will put to much stress on the firewall.

    Maybe you guys have a better idea.

  • I think you need to rewrite this post with more detail??

    But from what you have above could you not just have an alias with a group of internal webserver addresses or a designated subnet (assuming only one internal address will be using the nat rules at any given time)

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