Pfsense stand alone vpn client- want to communicate with my normal lan

  • Right now i have a pfsense x64 pc with 2 nics - Its setup to be a dedicated always on usenet vpn client with a computer attached for downloading.

    I have another off the shelf router that all other devices connect to. - cell phones , computers etc.

    I want to be able to transfer files back and forth between computers on the vpn network and normal network.

  • Upgrade first.
    Show your VPN settings - all & related firewall rules.
    Show a network diagram (your equipment should be behind pfSense - non sure where you put it right now)

  • Upgraded to latest.

    I have two networks in the house.

    Asus Wifi/Router/DHCP- 192.168.1.*  - un-managed switch - Computers , cell phones, rokus, all connect to this network.

    Pfsense setup-  PFsense router "1 WAN NIC"      "1 LAN NIC"
                                                      |                            |
                                                      |                            |
                                                      |                            |
                                                                                8 port switch –--to--- 1 computer with 192.168.2.* ip by DHCP
                                connection from Asus router

    2NIC motherboard setup with usenet vpn- the lan nic dhcp is setup to put out 192.168.2.* addresses.

    I'd like for all devices on the Asus router to talk to the computer behind the pfsense router.

    ![afterupdate pfsense..PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/afterupdate pfsense..PNG)
    ![afterupdate pfsense..PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/afterupdate pfsense..PNG_thumb)

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