PfSense Setup/Optimization

  • I just got pfSense installed on, but I seem to have even slower speeds, and stuff takes longer to load than before. I also wish to have snort,squid, and any other useful addon for an home network installed. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to remote in, and help with the settings?

    I have gone through setup like normal, and literally left everything stock settings…... I seem to getting a lot of delay/buffering when streaming on my devices. There have also been times where I can't load my social media at all, forcing me to use cellular data. Any idea what the problem may be? H

  • @Navish360:

    but I seem to have even slower speeds

    Comparing to what?

    Which version of pfSense is installed?

  • If it's significantly slower compared to no pfSense firewall in between you and the internet there's probably something wrong with the hardware or the FreeBSD drivers. The first guess would be broken hardware offloading in the NIC drivers:

  • I was going to just reinstall pfSense on the computer from my USB, but doesn't have the boot from device option anymore….. I can't even access the motherboard bios at all. It gives me FreeBSD prompt picture is attached for the exact thing. Anyway to wipe the SSD completely clean, and start fresh?

  • Well…
    Something booted from something. FreeBSD is present on a drive .....
    Btw : before the BIOS even knows it HAS drives in the system, it menu is accessible. The method of accessing has nothing to do with FreeBSD or pfSense. See the bios manual for the procedure.

    When the USB booted (the pfSense pre installer) , AND it recognizes a disk where it can install TO, then the install menu will be shown. This menu will offer you to empty your SSD drive .
    Of course, if these conditions aren't met, nothing will ne shown ... because nothing can be done.

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