Interface Bridge in ESXI

  • I have a virtualized PfSense in ESXI and i wanted to bridge my Lan vmx1 and my Vlan "Vlan1001->vmx2". After getting everything set up i couldn't get into the web configurator anymore. So after loading a snapshot and changing the firewall that i can access the Web-Configurator through the WAN interface, I played around a bit i came to the conclusion that the IP address is not correctly assigned.

    Current status:

    WAN : vmx0
    LAN: bridge0 (Lan_Virtual & Lan_Physical) [Ip adress is set there]
    Opt1(Lan_Virtual): VLAN 1001 on vmx2
    Opt2(Lan_Physical): vmx1

    I have a physical machine with the same config and there it works flawlessly. Somehow it seems that bridges in Pfsense on ESXI don't work properly.
    And I have the Open-VM-Tools package installed.

    Any Soloution to my problem is welcome.

  • Why are you trying to Bridge the interfaces in pfSense when you could just put the LAN and VLAN on the same vswitch in ESXi?  Since you seem to want them on the same network, a vswitch will behave exactly the same as a physical switch.  You then would just have your Lan and Wan connections in pfSense (rather than messing around with bridges) and it should work fine.

  • I have looked into ESXI VSwitches and came to the conclosuion that i would need a distributed switch which needs a license i don't have. And the normal vSwitch can't do what i need.

    I need the following:

    Wan: Physical port
    Lan: Physical port + Vlan
    Wifi: Physical port + Vlan
    Guest Wifi: Vlan
    IpCam: Vlan

    All the Vlans come out of the same Physical port.
    I cannot find a way to solve this without a bridge in PfSense or with only vSwitches.

  • I have a number of physical networks and VLANs all working happily with vswitches in pfSense running inside ESXi.

    Maybe it would help us to help you if you told us the IPs for each of the networks.  I'm having trouble understanding why you have physical port + VLAN for the same networks eg LAN & Wifi.  Your most recent description of what you want to achieve is different to your original post.  The more detail you give us, the easier it will be for us to understand what you are trying to do and then help you.

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