Adding a subnet?

  • I'm running pfSense 1.2 to firewall some machines at a colo.  The colo provider has just assigned me an additional subnet, and routed it to the external IP of the existing pfSense box.  I'm not sure how to go about adding the new subnet to pfSense, however.

    Do I need to start with the <shellcmd>ifconfig bge0 inet subnet alias</shellcmd> as described here?  And if I do, will I then be able to add CARP IPs for the rest of the subnet via the GUI?

  • i have a similar problem and i want to try <shellcmd>but i`m waiting to do it when i can restart the PF without disturbing the clients. I have more than 50Mb/s traffic.
    If u will do it before with success just post it here as solved.</shellcmd>

  • I would add another NIC.
    If you cannot do that, a vlan-capable switch and a trunk to the pfSense might be the solution.

    I would avoid to work with shellcmd aliases because they're not supported in the GUI.

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