NF592-Q170 with AOC-SGP-I4

  • I hope someone can help me with this, I have opened tickets with both Jetway and Supermicro, but their assistance has been slow in coming.  I have recently purchased 2 Jetway NF592 boards along with 2 AOC-SGP-i4.  When I connected the AOC-SGP-i4 the BIOS initially reflected the 4 extra NIC ports in addition to the existing 8.  At this point I installed pfSense and during the boot process I observed all 12 NICs being loaded with the daughterboard being igb7-igb10.  However after a reboot the BIOS never recognized the daughterboard again as well pfSense neither.  I cannot find many references to these cards anywhere so I am writing here hoping for some assistance.

    So far I have swapped out both motherboards and both daughterboards, switched the PCIe jumper on the motherboard from 3.3v to 3.3VSB.  I have switched the power supply and memory.  Nothing changes the fact that the daughterboard is no longer recognized inside the BIOS.

    I hope someone has experience with this hardware combination and can shed some light.

    Thank you,


  • Jetway came through with the fix.  For future reference here it is:

    The current PCI-E setup for NF592 is 4 * PCI-E x1. Please use the utility below to change it to 1 * PCI-E x4:

    How to:
    Prepare a bootable USB drive with MS-DOS.
    Extract and save nf592x4 files to the USB drive.
    Power on NF592 and boot from the USB drive.
    Run X4.bat under DOS prompt.
    Remove the power for 10 min after running X4.bat
    Reconnect the power and try SuperMicro AOC-SGP-i4 again.

    applying this change fixed my system and pfSense was able to recognize all 12 Ethernet ports.


  • Hey, I was wondering if that board came with a kabylake ready bios? What processor did you put in it? Have been considering getting it but have no skylake cpu I could do a bios update with.

  • I used the Intel i5-6500 @ 3.20GHz cpu.


  • Ah ok, a skylake cpu. Ty

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