Best Choice for Web Filter

  • Hello.

    Given the issues that make difficult to run multi WAN + SquidGuard + Load balance + Failover in one pfSense box, I will try with a virtual machine setup, using pfSense for firewalling, routing, balancing, etc. and leaving the web filter job to another virtual machine. Since using another pfSense for the web filtering task seems to be the wrong approach, I want to ask you for a recommendation about a good web content filter. The key features I need are:

    • Completly free full featured open source solution (no license or support fees)
    • Easy to install without the need to setup OS and software packages manually
    • Virtual appliance image available would be desirable
    • Easy to use web graphic interface
    • Decent report and logs tools
    • Public black list based filtering (regular updates, like Shallalist)
    • Active Directory or LDAP integration desirable but not mandatory

    A google search reveals that

    Are good choices, but the community free versions are rather limited.

    Thanks in advance.

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