PfSense with vmware workstation

  • Hi, I am new while working with pfsense. i need a little bit of help regarding setup of pfsense through vmware workstation.

    I have hp i5 pro book machine on which i installed vmware workstation and i also installer pfsense on it. I attached additional NIC cards with my machine, I want attached 2 WAN's with my machine and a LAN to my home router so pfsense will work like a firewall in my system and then pass through the traffic to my home router. Is that possible or not? If possible how can i achieve this task. I will be very thankful to you if you help me


  • Not sure if this is helping or not.

    I go on to my modem and forward all traffic using DMZ to my pfsense WAN IP.  This then allows pfsense as your firewall and your router / modem just passes information through.


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