Configuring 3G modems

  • I'm reading through a pfSense doc showing how to congigure 3G modems:-

    and it seems quite a bit different to what I see using pfSense (2.3.4-DEVELOPMENT (amd64)).

    I have assigned a new interface (OPT1) with  PPP as an IPv4 Configuration Type.

    A phone number of *99# is assigned as is an Access Point Name of 3internet and a Modem port of /dev/cuau0.

    I don't have a Username or Password. I can connect using my tablet without having to enter any values, so I presume I don't need to.

    I enter Country, Provide and Plan, which are not shown after saving and applying changes.

    What more do I need to do to connect?

    On the Dashboard under Interfaces OPT1 a red arrow ponting down appears. What do I need to do to connect?

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