Duplicate entries in Status->Queues

  • Right after creating a new traffic shaping with the wizard I've been adding and deleting some rules in Firewall:Shaper and now Status:Traffic shaper:Queues shows duplicate LAN queues. The actual shaping looks like it's working fine and only the first set of lan queues show activity, but this may be a bug.
    I'm attaching screenshots of the problem and related configs.
    I'm using embedded 1.2RC2 built on Thu Nov 6 22:46:15 EST 2008 with an ALIX2C3.
    If you need any additional info let me know, I'm doing what I can to contribute to the proyect finding bugs :)

  • It looks OK to me.

  • Ok maybe I'm wrong, but this didn't look like this right after the shaping wizard ended. I deleted several rules and added 4 more and now I have two sets (1 and 2) of qlan/download queues, but only in the STATUS page. In the Edit Queues page I only see one set, which is correct.

  • I doubt it will hurt anything.  Cosmetic.

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