Local DNS breaks every 5-7 days

  • Hello,

    I use the Netgate SG-4860 running pfSense 2.3.4.

    My DNS forwarder is configured to forward queries to my ISP DNS servers, but I also have a handful of host overrides plus my DHCP leases register with DNS. It's a very simple setup with 1 WAN connection and 1 LAN connection.

    Roughly every week, at a seemingly unpredictable time, the DNS forwarder will stop resolving my host overrides and DHCP hosts and start forwarding everything to external DNS servers. Which, of course, fails for internal hosts and my systems stop functioning properly. I can still resolve external hosts just fine, but I have no internal DNS. Once I restart the DNS forwarder service, everything returns to normal and the clock starts ticking until it fails again. I have been dealing with this problem for as long as I have owned the box.

    I've looked at the dnsmasq logs and haven't found any indication of why or when this is triggered. Perhaps I need to increase the log verbosity?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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