Only getting 4Mbps speed per client without any traffic rule.

  • Hi everybody,

    I just got 10Mbps PPPoe line upgraded from 4Mbps.

    As soon as I got my Internet speed upgraded, I reinstalled pfsense.

    Now I am facing with a problem that I can't get full 10mbps speed from a SINGLE client (but in traffic graph, it will show full 10mbps speed consuming by other clients cumulatively.

    A client's max download speeds stuck at 4mbps. There's no traffic shaping configured, no firewall rules applied, no other client connecting to pfsense server while testing the speed from a client. It is just stuck at 4mbps speed.

    I tried replacing Gigabit NIC card for both LAN and WAN interfaces, new cable, but no luck.

    But but.. If I am not using Pfsense server and connecting directly to my computer from a pppoe router, I got full speed. I don't really know what could be the problem with this speed issue. :( :(

    I am much appreciated your helpful reply.

  • @a_thiha:

    …. I reinstalled pfsense.

    Version 2.2 ???????????

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