1gb+ CPU requirement?

  • Hey guys so I was wondering what kind of CPU would be needed for a 1gb connection with maybe 150 devices at max (likely less).

    I looked at the general hardware recommendations. Doesn't really help lol. My issue with that is when was it printed? Okay so a quad core at 3.5ghz, however there is a pretty big diffrence from a core 2 quad at 3.5ghz and a kaby lake Xeon at 3.5ghz.

    Also anyone with a Xeon and a 1u setup suggest a good cooler? I made my temp setup with a pentium, dont have the 1gb lines installed yet so cant test it, also got a new server grade board on the way, to slow a Xeon.

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    Most recent CPUs will pass 1Gbps with firewall and NAT, traffic type depending. It doesn't need to be anything special. Yes that hardware guide needs to be updated!

    However if you want to run additional packages you may need to consider something more powerful.

    Same for any VPN requirement you may have.


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    How much $ are you looking to spend?

    Exactly which packages will you be using and how?

    Any constraints on hardware? (i.e., socket type of board you're using, parts you want to reuse, etc.)

    How are you receiving gigabit; fiber, ethernet?

    What kind of traffic are you thinking those <150 clients will be putting through? Will they all be gasping for as much bandwidth they can suck down simultaneously throughout the network or just web based traffic throughout the day?

    Provide as much painful detail as possible in the clearest format possible to get a detailed answered for your use case.

    The answer to your question could range from a Pentium to an i5 or even more in some scenarios.

  • @cyberlocc:

    there is a pretty big diffrence from a core 2 quad at 3.5ghz and a kaby lake Xeon at 3.5ghz.

    No kidding.  That guide is ancient.  ~150 users/nodes shouldn't be a problem even with the most basic of hardware (that otherwise meets your 1Gbps requirements).  I'm serving that many nodes with virtual machines that have 1GB of RAM.

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