Watchguard x750e vs xtm5 - which one to convert?

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    WatchGuard Firebox x750e network firewall in very good used condition & a WatchGuard XTM 5 Series Model NC2AE8 firewall security appliance. Firmwide version 11.10.5.
    Which one will you recommend to convert (difficulty effort, performance wise)as pfsense appliance?u

  • I have no experience with the x750e but the XTM 510 I got was super easy to convert.  Once all the parts came in I had everything working in about an hour.  Just make sure your Compact Flash drive is big enough.  I believe some people were trying to use the one that came with the system and it wasn't large enough.  In my case that was only 1 GB so since I had to purchase the serial/usb adapter/cables/reader any way I added an 8 GB Compact Flash card and it worked perfectly.  The flash reader I used was a UNITEK.


    Oh and one last thought, it was really easy to replace the CPU and upgrade the memory.

  • XTM5 series!

    The x-e series are very old and only 32 bit machines.

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    When 2.4 is released the Core-e will essentially be obsolete though there will be security updates for 2.3.X for some time should it be required.

    Even if that were not the case all of those boxes are now very old with likely many many thousands of hours on them and the component failure rates to match.

    As much fun as I had with those boxes I could not recommend anyone does so now if they have another choice.  ;)


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