Routing VLAN traffic

  • Hi.

    I'm doing some network programming and to test my code I need to send crafted Ethernet frames from one network segment and receive them on a different network segment.
    My network topology looks like this:

    A –- B --- C

    A and C are Windows VMs and B is a pfSense VM. AB and BC are two separate network segments. All firewalling between A and C has been disabled and they can ping each other just fine.
    A sends my packets and C is supposed to receive them. The packets look like this (RFC 7348):

    Ethernet | VLAN | IPv4 | UDP | VXLAN | encapsulated traffic
    Ethernet | VLAN | IPv4 | fragmented traffic

    Now, my problem is that pfSense is not routing my packets from AB to BC. Running Wireshark on A I see some flooding, but I can't tell if that's a bug in my code or if pfSense is bouncing my packets back to A.

    How can I get pfSense to route my packets? Note that pfSense must not decapsulate the traffic. I believe I'm not trying to set up a VLAN in pfSense, but rather I'm just routing traffic between a segmented VLAN.

  • Windows firewall by default blocks traffic from other networks than its own. Did you check that?

  • I disabled the firewalls on both endpoints. And anyway the outer IP header is correct. I seriously doubt Windows supports VXLAN decapsulation. And even if it did, I should at least be able to see the packets arriving in Wireshark, as long as pfSense is routing them and setting the destination MAC correctly.

  • Were are you running wireshark?

    I would try a packet capture on the pfsense interfaces and compare what is arriving to what it leaving,

    also trying looking over the pfsense logs, if it is doing anything to the packets and erroring it should so up here
    status > system > routing

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