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  • Hi. sorry if this has come up some where before but i was unable to find. How can i set up my pfsense so that i can still use the windows connections. If i try to connect windows comes up with a message saying modem did not respond. can any one help?

  • This has nothing to do with pfSense.
    You have to configure your windows correctly, so you can either use the network-connection or your modem.

    you probably missconfigured
    start –> settings --> control panel --> internet options --> connections

  • If i plug my pc in to the modem with out going through my pc with pfsense on my connection works 100% however if i put it through the pfsense pc i get that message

  • You need to tell windows to stop using a dial-up connection.

    I've not got Windows in front of me but it's in the "Internet options" dialogue from the control panel.

    Choose the "Connections" tab and "Never dial" (or equivalent wording).

    For simplicity (assuming that this is a home setup), ensure that you have enabled the DHCP server on pfSense and that your PC's ethernet adapter is set to use DHCP (Automatic IP, Automatic DNS).

  • As bern said:
    This is what you have to configure in the internet options.
    If you plug in the modem directly you're using dialup.
    If you plug in pfSense you're using the LAN to connect to the internet.

    Delete the dialup connection you already have .

    Then just run the wizard at the top under "connections"
    "Connect to the internet"
    "Set up my connection manually"
    "Connect using a broadband connection that is always on"

  • i think you my have miss under stood what it is i want to do. i want windows to be able to connect through its dial-up

  • Then just select the corresponding entries in the wizard.

    "Connect to the internet"
    "Set up my connection manually"
    "Connect using a dial-up modem"

    However if you get a message your modem is not responding i would check if you've installed the drivers for the modem correctly.

    But this is not related to pfSense at all.

  • It would help if you could describe better what kind of modem you have and how you're connecting to the internet (ADSL? PPPoE?).

  • i have a adsl modem. my network plugs in to a switch and then a adsl modem is also plugged in to it. i plan to put the pfsense pc between the switch and the modem but at the moment until i get it working i am running it between my pc and the switch. i changed network cards and now the connection trys to connect but after awhile it says device did not respond. i know this has nothing to do with my pc unless there is some software or setting that needs to change. if i bypass the pfsense pc (plug pc direct in to switch) the connection works fine

  • Hello,

    Then try pfsense to be bridge mode, which will every single packet pass-thru to the modem. Making pfsense to be a bridge, serching this forum and Google is your friend.

    If you'd like ppl here to understand your situation, you must provide the info which in the form of everybody is able to understand, such as simple drawing, ascii art is fine, those describes connection, addressing, syslog, eventlog…

    Tell us 3W1H(when/where/why/how) at least.


  • thanks nocer. i followed a document on bridging and it worked

  • i was wondering if any one can help me with setting up the traffic shaping as i do not know what to do here and i cant find any forums or guides that are being of much help?(how do i make it that when i launch, lets say cod4, it then limits the p2p ports so that the game has more line speed to use, i have attempted to set this up but it never changed any thing to do with p2p). and also for the priotry is it the closer to 0 the more priority it has or the other way around

  • has anyone got any insperation for me

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