Must the pfSense computer be on to maintain internet access?

  • I am considering using this for my small business in order to create a captive portal for my customers. We are only open during normal business hours. Does this mean that the computer I use for pfSense must remain on in order to access the internet, or will I still be able to access the internet when the computer/pfSense is turned off? What are the potential consequences of halting the system daily?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you use pfsense as your internet router and not only some captive portal setup - then yes it would need to be on to access the internet ;)  But why would you want to turn it off every day?  Unless you have it on some way over powered machine it would use very min power.  Something like the sg-1000 could be used for a small office and its power draw is

    Power Consumption 2.5W (idle)

    Its bigger brother the sg-2220
    Power Consumption 6W (idle)

    Even bigger brother the sg-2440
    Power Consumption 7W (idle)

    There should be little reason to not leave any of these on over night..  Your talking less, like half that of the power draw of LED bulb…  At the 7W mark, and high cost of 0.12 cents per Kwh your talking like 7 dollars a year to run...

    If the cost was 10 times that it wouldn't be worth the effort of turning it off and on every night ;)

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