Ftp Traffic Bandwidth Issue

  • Hi

    I have pfsense  2.3.4_1 installed and having 55Mbps of Lease Line connection.

    I have configured Squid Proxy and other services like load balancing gateway monitoring services in it.

    Now the problem I am facing in FTP traffic, I am using FTP client(Filezilla) to download files from my remote FTP server, but I am getting only 6 to 8 Mbps of speed for single file.

    But if I connect the lease line directly in my laptop then it is giving me the full speed for single file.

    Behind pfsense if I am creating multiple threats of FTP file download then it doubles the speed, i.e. if I put one file from the server then it will give me 6Mbps if I put two files from the same server it will give me approx 12 to 15Mbps.

    I am not using any kind of limiter or traffic shaping, I have tried this on freshly installed pfsense where no packages was configured, still facing the same issue.

    So can any one tell me what could be the problem ?

    Or anyone facing the same issue ?

    Please suggest.


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