Office 365 Shaper questions

  • Hello, I am working on a customer who has about 20 users at any given time using Office 365.  They also use a lot of web apps, so shaping is pretty important in terms of keeping everything working.  We recently moved them to 365 from a local exchange, and it has caused all kinds of headaches.  My boss implemented a bunch of limiters/rules, and they arent working properly.  I have done everything I can to work with what he has done, and at this point I think the queues need reorganized in a more coherent way.

    I'd like to redo these in a better way.  What is the best way to post the shaper info for others to see?  The way it is set up is that there are firewall rules on the LAN interface, the 365 rules tied to aliases of 365 ip addresses, streaming rules to lower priority of stream aliases, and ones of web application domains that the customer uses to raise priority of those queues.  And then a catchall below that to apply the traffic to a lower queue.

    My hunch is that the HSFC rules and limiter combinations are not meshing well together to cause this.  They are on a 30/5 fiber connection with a 3/3 T1 failover.

  • Did you configure your interface bandwidths?

  • Yes.  The LAN is set to interface speed with qInternet set to 95% of link speed and WAN set to 95% of upstream.  I have noticed it is partly a software issue, but I still think there is room for this to be improved.

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