How to resolve broken rules error message? export & edit & import? procedure.

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    I am experiencing the exact same issue that the original poster has referred to in this thread:


    And now we know that this issue has been resolved, which is great, but …... how do I get out of this situation? What is the procedure? Do I export my rules & edit them in a text editor & then import them? Will this break anything? I did edit all the names of all the IPsec tunnels to nice short little names, but it does not seem to matter since the original names were too long.


    If the label length is limited to 63 characters, I wonder why it let me save them in the first place. My names were only a couple characters longer, along the lines of "Such & Such Hotel, Palm Springs, CA, US" or "Such & Such Client LLC, Portland, OR, US" which is the way that we have always done it on other brands of devices until we dumped all those turkeys & went pfSense.


    Sure do love pfSense!


    Thanks very much.




    Jason Sjobeck

    Post Script: not required but for extra credit for any one who can point me at an URL with step-by-step installation instructions for Snort on this same box.


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