Routed IP adreess

  • hi guys i need some help, i explain
    we have a cisco router which is managed by the isp, it did do dhcp, firewall and nat, we have had to change this so we can use are own router to do all dhcp, nat and firewall ourselves, the isp have sent this message

    "below are the details required to programme the onsite firewall in readiness for tomorrow’s changes to the Cisco router;
    Routed IP Subnet:
    Routed IP Address Start: Routed IP Address End:"

    i will be using pfsense and was wondering where i need to put this information, any help would be grateful
    all internet services, voip, and cctv are down

  • They will be configuring their router in transparent mode, so your Pfsense WAN port will be facing the internet,

    you will need to configure Virtual IP's (VIP) for the 2 routed Ip addresses " and"
    and the important part, make sure any existing inbound nat rules are created using these Ip addresses

    VIP's are under firewall > Aliases
    NAT is under Firewall NAT

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