Connectivity Issues

  • Hello community

    Unfortunately my problem-solving skills have ended. I own these NWs:

    Connection is:
    Cable ISP - Cable Modem / Router (WAN) - Hyper-V host (3 NICs) - pfSense: DMZ (hn2) / LAN (hn1) / WAN (hn0)

    Now, to the Problem:
    The (Debian 9) DMZ server can be reached from outside on Port 80 (Port FWD).
    But from DMZ to outside, there is no ping, nslookup or any other service possible.
    Firewall (any) rule is in place.
    Ping to WAN IP works, but not to Router IP.

    Do you have some ideas?

  • Solved:
    Debian Bug with not reading the interface config correct.

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