Routing using same subnet

  • Hi,
    Just wondering if there are limitation on using pfsense with its interfaces on the same subnet - it seems to do strange things.

    I currently have a cisco 877 with a local interface of and a bunch of other configuration i'm reluctant to mess with. We have an influx of users and have obtained a second dsl connection until fibre is provisioned. Obviously for this second account to be useful some of our traffic needs to be allocated to it. I could have a subset of users change from DHCP to static and set the new dsl modem as their gateway but I was looking for a more elegant load balanced solution using pfsense. The new dsl modem has a local interface of I set up pfsense to have a LAN interface of, a WAN interface of w/ gateway and the OPT1 interface as w/ gateway I was then planning on having the DHCP server set peoples gateway to and let pfsense do its magic but strange things happened. I can set the second modem to be on a different subnet because its currently not used but i dont really want to mess with the 877 because it has a bunch of port forwards, IPSEC vpns etc on it. Is the fact that LAN and WAN are on the same subnet the cause of my problems?

  • Yes it's never going to work.

    WAN gateway
    WAN2 gateway
    Source gateway WanFailsToWan2
    Source gateway Wan2FailsToWan

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