First pfsense build - 400/40 Mbps cable connection

  • Hello,
    I am thinking to build my first pfsense box but I am a bit struggling on which hardware to choose.
    I have a 400/40 Mbps cable connection which currently supports around 15 devices.
    The box should handle NAT, firewall rules, openvpn at 100 Mbps.
    I am looking for a small (fanless the best) box that could handle this traffic.
    I found several box on aliexpress with processors which are supporting AES-NI but I don't know if they will be able to handle my requirements.
    Could anymone recommend me a specific box?
    Thank you.

  • Have a look at my thread. I have similar requirements – although my internet speed is < 100mbps. Look for bingo's and s_mason16's reply regarding the processor choices that I made.

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