Help understanding DHCP lease gui icons

  • I have a desktop with 1 NIC running OpenVSwitch for VMs. I'm having a hard time understanding the lease GUI page on pfSense for that desktop. There are no MAC addresses or hostnames. What is pfSense trying to tell me and what should I expect?

    I've attached a screenshot of my leases page.

    Here are the IP address on the desktop that I am aware of:

    chris@Tool ~ $ ip addr | grep "inet "
        inet brd scope host lo
        inet brd scope global enp0s31f6
        inet brd scope global ovs-system
        inet brd scope global kvm-bridge
        inet brd scope global testnet

    What is the person symbol beside the lease for?


  • I could be wrong but I am guessing you just set up fixed IPs for your clients on your interface? I say this because I see the "person symbol" after I have created my fixed leases…the leases then expire and/or I delete them.

    Not sure if you are denying any other clients? Did you forget a device with the label "Tool" that be trying to get a lease?

  • I did not create any fixed ips on the network or in pfSense. 'Tool' is the host for the OpenVSwitch, and its physical NIC MAC address is 40:8d:5c:47:37:2b.

  • Sorry to leave you hanging but I don't know…maybe some one else can explain?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Looking at the code, that should only show up for a static mapping, but it's also possible that something in your leases file is unusual and did not match the patterns used by the page to detect the lease type.

    If you post the contents of /var/dhcpd/var/db/dhcpd.leases, at least for the IP addresses with the unusual output, then we can figure it out for certain.

  • I'm sorry for the late response. I got distracted with other things. I've attached my leases file. I can also post a dhcp filtered packet capture from the offending linux machine. I've got an openvswitch install on the offending linux box, but dhcpcd on that computer reports only leasing for one of the virtual interfaces, so that seems pretty harmless.

    Anyway, here is my current leases file. Anything that references "dhcpcd" or "" or "" or "Tool" all come from the same machine.


  • Found this post looking for the same answer. I have the same person icon for one of my inactive leases. I also have no static mappings. In my case the icon appears on the only entry in my dhcpd.leases that is marked as abandoned. You've got several abandoned leases, none of which are even in your leases.conf file. No insight into what it all means, so I guess I'm equally confused.

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