FreeRadius - multiple SSID's

  • I'm running Project LEDE (OpenWRT) on 2x TP-Link Archer C7's.
    I have setup 3 SSID's (WPA2-PSK): wifi, wifi-guest and wifi-admin.
    When you connect to SSID wifi you'll be connected to vlan10, wifi-guest is vlan11 and wifi-admin is vlan12.
    All is working great so far.

    But now I want to implement WPA2 enterprise (WPA2-EAP) for the SSID wifi and wifi-admin.
    But if I setup a Radius server and create user John, would John be able to connect to both SSID's with his credentials?
    Is there a way to restrict John from connecting to wifi-admin and let him only connect to wifi?
    John is not an "admin" so he is not allowed to access wifi-admin on vlan12.

    On the other hand I have user Matthew, this user needs to be able to connect to both SSID's.
    On normal days he connects to wifi but sometimes he needs to connect to wifi-admin to do admin tasks in vlan12.

  • Is it not possible?

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