Problems Setting Up Network

  • This is my first go at Pfsence and am replacing an Asus DSL AC86U. The scenario is the ISP (FTTN, VSDL) by phone line into a Huawei modem/router. I would prefer not to use the Huawei but the VOIP is locked into it. From there to a core duo box (Pfsense) and from there to the network. Replacing the Asus as I will run OpenVPN and the Asus loses 33% speed. The PC should do better.

    The Huawei has DHCP server enabled and a DMZ zone on the Pfsense ethernet connection. I cannot bridge the two routers as I will lose the VOIP, hence the DMZ.

    WAN em0 picks up OK and is assigned a dynamic IP from the Huawei (192.168.10.X). Can log in to interface OK. The problem is when I tool with the LAN. It is a TP Link NIC (PCI Express slot) and is assigned bge0 which is the driver I understand. I give it a static, it reminds that DHCP server perhaps should be enabled but it won't let me as there is not enough addresses (gives me /24). No idea how to get around that.  When I save these LAN settings I lose connectivity to the box (by the browser) altogether and can only get back by resetting back to default.

    Is the issue the NIC, the networking addressing or other? Thanks.

  • When you setup, your aren't mixing up LAN and WAN - connected to the wrong port ?
    By default, the LAN is and DHCP is ON - just accept all the defaults.

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