Poor speedtest results on 1 of 2 vLANs

  • I have two vLANs setup on my Dell PowerConnect 2724 and pfSense.  The two vLANs are assigned to the LAN interface in pfSense.  If I run a speedtest on LAN or vLAN 30 I average 100/120 on vLAN 20 I average 3/60.

    The firewall rules are identical on vLAN 20 and 30 with the exception of a few extra ports open on vLAN 20.

    Any idea what could be causing such horrible results on just one vLAN?

    I am running pfSense version 2.3.4.  The only package I have installed is OpenVPN for connecting to my network remotely.

  • Depends on how the VLANs are terminated in your switch and where you sent traffic to measure from and to.
    What's the difference between your vLan 20 and vLan 30? That's where your performance goes.

  • I did the speedtests from my laptop, plugging directly into ports assigned to the vLANs.  The same server was selected when doing all speedtests.  Interestingly, I am currently downloading a file on one of my servers connected to vLAN 20 and I am receiving around 12MB/s which is about right for a 100Mb/s connection.

  • What were the routes you measured or which interfaces were laptop and server hanging of during measure? Can it be you measured one with routing and the other without?

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