How can I set up IKEv2 interfaces?

  • I'm trying to use pfSense as a client for IKEv2 but on the VPN>_ IPsec_ menu there's only left and option for Site-to-Site tunnels (I already have set up remote user IKEv2) and back at the in assign interfaces menu there's PPP, PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP…no IPsec/IKEv2.

    Is it doable? I've been reading the book but can't find any info and the search isn't quite good; it'd be much better if the book was downloadable as a PDF. 😩

    My goal is to set up pfSense as several clients to take make the most out of my multi-WAN setup. Given I can only set up pfSense as a remote user server on only one interface I'm asking for too much aren't it? 🙁

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