NAT public ip to private ip

  • Hi All,

    I have a block of public ip addresses (/29)
    I've been trying to configure it in a way that an ip from this /29 public ip addresses will be the gateway for our guest network with no success.
    I've been reading and some say create a virtual ip (ip alias) some say create a 1:1 nat rule and some say create a CARP VIP.
    Been playing with the settings and so far no luck.

    Is there a guide on how to achieve this?

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    It is unclear what you are trying to do.

    No idea what "be the gateway for our guest network" means.

  • It means that an ip from the public ip pool that was provided to me by the internet provider will be used as the gateway to the internet for our guest wireless.
    We are using x.x.x.1 to the internet
    Goal is that the guest will use x.x.x.2 to the internet

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    You want to create a VIP on WAN and use outbound NAT on WAN in hybrid mode to translate the source address to that on the way out.

    Make a rule on WAN that sources from the guest network destination any and sets that VIP as the Translation address.

    I would probably just use an IP Alias VIP for that.

  • Apologies for the really late reply.
    Everything seems to work now as intended.
    I was able to configure it properly with CARP and its smooth. Only thing is I was only able to get it working with manual NAT not hybrid.
    As always, thank you for your support.

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